The Euroflock Company is a trademark of the company PHp Srl. Born in 1994 as an artisan firm.In the first year, without a distribution ntework, it sold to outside parties, taking care of the creations and productions of flock mats.Euroflock has developed and is developing a classical range of mats and also a very innovative range in ecorubber derived by a recycled of used tyres.From 1998 “step by step” Euroflock has been growing up with a high technological product investing a lot of energy about “MADE TO MEASURE” characterized by the tipical quality and raste of the “MADE IN ITALY”.Euroflock is investing a lot in the main International fairs and promoting its products it has achieved it is selling in country such as Japan and Brasil. The final proposal is to have a distributor in every part of the world to bring out  “MADE IN ITALY” in front of the door of every house.

PHP SRL - P.Iva: 06739690011

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